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Top Priorities for our Community

Deliver Real Homeless Crisis Solutions

Jay Beeber will strengthen and enforce our conservatorship laws and focus resources on mental health and substance abuse treatment with compassion.

Lower DWP Bills

Jay Beeber will eliminate the 10% utility tax and 8% rate transfer to the general fund on recently passed and future rate increases.

Mitigate Environmental Threats

Jay Beeber will ensure that the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility remains closed. Hold Sunshine Canyon Landfill fully accountable for controlling negative environmental impacts on the community. Ensure that residents’ concerns are at the forefront of any resolution for the Santa Susana Field Lab cleanup.

A Record ofExtraordinary Effectiveness


Eliminated the predatory red light camera rip-off, saving Los Angeles residents over 200 million dollars from City Hall’s scheme of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Worked with the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and Teamsters to stop Assembly Bill 666 – Sacramento’s plan to take away your right to a trial and cripple your individual rights.

Prevented LADOT from implementing road diets and other ill-conceived policies that would have created traffic and congestion and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.


Elections Start Time

Remember to vote Tuesday, JUNE 4TH!

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“Support Jay Beeber… We need his voice on the Los Angeles City Council.”
– John & Ken, KFI 640AM

“This election is important! Jay Beeber is the best candidate for City Council.
He is honest, smart, and superbly qualified.”
– Maria Fisk, Old Granada Hills Residents’ Group
and Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council*

“As a health professional, I want to recognize candidate Jay Beeber for his
analysis of the homelessness issue in our community. As he stated, ‘The focus
should be on substance abuse and mental illness. The goal should be to get
them off the streets, not to make it more comfortable to live on the street’.”
M. Kelly, MD

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